If you have a loved one who loves Whataburger, here's a great chance to give them a birthday treat.

Via Whataburger.com
Via Whataburger.com

I've heard it many times...

"I hated to leave Texas for a job. I miss it so much. But, the thing I miss the most is Whataburger."

If I were to ever leave Texas I'm sure I'd say the same thing.

If you have a friend or loved one who had to leave the great state of Texas, here's a chance to throw them a Texas Treat.

Whataburger is now selling Birthday Bundles. You can have a birthday party at home with the Whataburger colors.

For just $30 you'll get...

  • 12 orange and white striped plates
  • 12 happy birthday napkins
  • 12 orange balloons with white ribbon
  • 12 white balloons with orange ribbon
  • 12 party hats
  • 6 photo props
  • 1 happy birthday banner
  • 1 fry candle
  • 12 individual candles

Sure, it seems to be targeted toward children, but you can't tell me a good Texas wouldn't have a upturned grin if they walked in to this surprise birthday party.

Just don't forget to get the food at the same place you got the bundle.

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