Have you ever fallen asleep while riding in a car? Dumb question right? We all do it, but depending on the company you keep, it can be a dangerous gamble. Will they slam the breaks suddenly to jolt you awake, or perhaps they will let you sleep, knowing that you might need to take the wheel so they can get some shut eye.

For this guy, unfortunately or fortunately, (depending on how much he likes Twizzlers candy) his "pals" decided to see how many Twizzlers they could get to hang from their sleeping buddy's open mouth.

The video is affectionately titled "We Love You Micah," and the ongoing giggling throughout the video is pretty contagious.

Watch the full video or simply skip to the end to see how many Twizzlers they were able to get to stay dangling form Micah's mouth.

At least his morning breath won't be so bad.

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