They say flying is safe. They say that a lot after a crash.

Via Temple Police Department
Via Temple Police Department

The odds of crashing in a plane are a lot less then crashing in a car. True, but you don't think about crashing when you get in a car, but you always wonder about falling out of the sky in a plane.

When I joined the Army, I had to fly to Fargo, via Minneapolis. The flight in was in a large propeller plane. The first thing I noticed was a huge crack along the fuselage that traced the wing. The most nervous flight of my life. I was thankful it was a prop plane, at least we'd auger in at a low speed, instead of slamming into the planet on the thrust of a jet engine.

KWTX is reporting that a pilot was forced to make an emergency landing Monday in a field, just north of Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport in Temple.

No reports of injuries, and Temple police made a short Facebook post saying "Thankfully, all is well".

As you can see from the Temple Police photo, the plane came to rest on it's nose.

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