Eagles rose to fame in the '70s with a canny combination of Glenn Frey's city-slicker R&B with Don Henley's country-fried rockabilly.

Later, they dove headlong into rock. Fans responded by sending every one of their records to platinum status. But, as you'll see in this rundown of the best song from every Eagles album, a lot happened along the way – a whole lot.

Fellow bandmates came and went. Bernie Leadon was the last to join, and the first to leave. Randy Meisner followed, then Don Felder, many years – and a long-hoped-for reunion – later. Timothy B. Schmit and Joe Walsh eventually formed a sturdy foursome with Frey and Henley that lasted until Frey's sudden death.

The Eagles took lengthy breaks, turning to solo projects from 1980-94 and then waiting until 2007 to put out Long Road Out of Eden, their only studio album after 1979's The Long Run. In between, they released 1994's Hell Freezes Over, which we also surveyed since that mostly live package also included four new tracks.

Each lineup shift and hiatus changed the Eagles' musical chemistry, beyond their oft-discussed evolution away from country-influenced sounds. Still, everything – including this list – ultimately centered on Frey and Henley. Which ones go the distance?

The Best Song From Every Eagles Album

Which ones go the distance?

Gallery Credit: Nick DeRiso

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