I never got into Banana Splits. The healthy part of me couldn't justify mixing that much fruit with ice cream, and the unhealthy part of me hated the fact that you had the balls to mix ice cream with all that healthy fruit. What are you, drunk?

Well, here's a no back idea that gives you a shot at the Banana Split with no ice cream. For those of us who are lactose intolerant, this is a great idea. You know, except for the sprinkles. Sprinkles? You want me to eat sprinkles? What! Do you think I'm drunk?

Easy to make. Just peel a couple of bananas. Snip off the edges and cut in two. Take all the bikers to town and shove a stick up their butt. Graphic, but necessary.

Freeze them up for a few hours.

Dip them in chocolate, and, if you're drunk, sprinkles. Freeze again.

Lather them up with cool whip and a cherry then munch away.

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