I'm a huge fan of Cheese Sticks. Not that big of fan of deep frying in my own kitchen.

Do you have one of those cool Air Fryers but are in need of recipe's? Good news anti-oilheads.

You need to try out this potato recipe that will change your life.

You're gonna need to boil some of them there potaters. Once they get nice and soft, smash the hell out of them. Then add your flavoring. Salt, pepper, chives, Mrs. Dash, whatever floats your potato boat.

Mix your mixture then grab your cheese sticks.

Palm some potatoes, and shove your cheese stick in the middle. Repeat until all the cheese sticks or potatoes are gone. Place your sticks on a cookie sheet, then freeze them for 30 minutes.

If you're watching the video, now is the time you abandon it. Don't bother with the oil, or what I call "The kitchen Killer" and break out your Air Fryer.

Now coat your cheese sticks with flour, eggs, and crumbs, then shove them in the Air Fryer. Cook, Enjoy.

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