News 10 is reporting that recent heavy rains caused one Central Texas Elementary School to not allow its students to flush the toilets after using the bathroom.

Students at Montague Village Elementary School on Fort Hood were recently told that they could use the bathroom, but they could not flush due to heavy rain that caused pipes to shift beneath a sidewalk and toilets to back up.

Some parents were not happy to find out that their kids could not flush.

Natalie Collette Argyle said that her daughter reported students being told, “They can either hold it or they can go in a toilet full of waste.”

The school was quick to point out that they were addressing the issues.

“Maintenance workers advised school leaders to allow the children to use the toilets, but not to flush them until repairs could be made. Since the school day was almost half over, this was an appropriate approach,” said Killeen ISD spokesman Terry Abbott in a statement Monday.

Abbott also said that the problem was fixed over the weekend and students could resume using the bathroom as normal this week.

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