Belton ISD will be sending out a survey to parents and teachers to help plan the upcoming school year.

According to Robyn Geske for KWTX, School Superintendent Mike Smith said in a recent Facebook post stating that Belton ISD is planning on three different scenarios for the school year.

No doubt COVID-19 has changed the way we all go about our business. Social distancing has become the new normal but how do we go about a school year while keeping kids and teachers safe?

Several different plans are being discussed on how to do this. Dr Smith says one option will be to get plans together as if it were a typical school year, free of the threat of COVID-19. They'll also be getting together a plans for a part time digital learning program and a third option would be a fully online plan.

Dr Smith is looking forward to getting the feedback from teachers and the community in order to better address all concerns. “We know we need to hear your voice and we know we’ll be better as a community by engaging your voice in the planning efforts.”

Dr. Smith says the questionnaire should be in parents and teachers inboxes sometime in the coming week or so.

Belton schools are scheduled to start on August 19.

Temple ISD issues a similar survey for parents earlier this month. You can see it here.

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