What do you feed a hungry maaaaaan? Wait, wrong company. Well, whatever you do, don't feed him any of Banquet's Salisbury steak. It could have "extraneous materials" in it.

Conagra Brands Inc. has issued a recall of over 130,000 pounds of Salisbury steak they say could contain bone fragments and who-knows-what else.

Specifically, the USDA's website lists this product as subject to the recall:

27-oz. carton containing plastic shrink-wrapped packages containing 6 pieces of “Banquet FAMILY SIZE 6 SALISBURY STEAKS & BROWN GRAVY MADE WITH CHICKEN, PORK AND BEEF – GRILL MARKS ADDED” with lot code 5006 8069 10 05and a ‘BEST BY’ date of SEP 01 2019 printed on the package.

The products subject to recall bear the USDA mark of inspection with establishment number “P-115” located on the side panel of the consumer package. These items were shipped to retail locations nationwide.

Conagra Brands
Conagra Brands

We've got to give Conagra credit, though. When they received reports from customers (at least three of which concerned oral injuries), they did the right thing and issued the recall.

If you've got any of these steaks in your freezer, Conagra and the USDA are asking you to either toss 'em or return 'em to the store.

If you have any questions or concerns, give Conagra Brands Consumer Affairs a call at (800) 289-6014..

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