The holidays are over. Praise Jesus! Now what do you eat?

By this time you are so sick of food. Yet, as a human, your body needs substance. Yet, if you see another piece of turkey, ham, or a bowl of potatoes, dressing, or hot dish, you're going to kill the Pope.

It's time now for finger food. Yep. Finger food to the rescue.

You've been avoiding the fun food for the past month because of of all the sit down food you've been pestered with. Well, the hell with all that crap, now is the time for bacon and eggs.

Those crescent rolls hanging out in the back of the fridge are waving at you, and now is the time to recognize.

First, cook up some bacon. Not fully cooked, but enough.

Once the bacon is done, grab a few slices and make a V shape. Then crab a crescent roll and put the slice inside/on the bacon. Now, cook up some scrambled eggs with cheese.

Place a spoonful of eggs on the crescent roll, now roll it all up and place on a rack. Cook and enjoy food again.

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