Today’s youth (and some adults — ugh, we’re so old) probably know Adam Sandler best from movies like Grown-Ups and his more recent Netflix releases. But some say they’ve heard whispers of a before time, when Adam Sandler was on SNL, and when he starred in movies that people really liked and that were actually released in theaters…they’ve even heard rumors that the ol’ Sandman once released comedic albums on mythical relics known as “cassette tapes” and “compact discs.” Children, everything you’ve heard is true.

And you need look no further than TMZ for proof. The gossip site shared a video (which we’re unable to repost here) that features Sandler, poorly disguised in a hoodie and oversized jacket, performing really, really raunchy songs for passerby in the NYC subway. Although you can’t make out his face, that voice is unmistakable.

It’s not totally surprising behavior from an actor who once released albums featuring songs about lunch ladies and goats, and spoken word tracks like “The Longest Pee” — which is exactly what it sounds like. But Sandler hasn’t released an album since 2004, and I doubt that this surprise gig is part of a promotional push for his new Netflix movie. Is he trying new musical material out on unsuspecting subway folk? Is he having an actorly midlife crisis? Wait, did he really just sing, “and then daddy f—ed my eye with his penis”? WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Actually, I think I know: In a series of bits for The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon takes musicians out to the subway and has them perform in disguise. That might be Fallon — sporting a fake mustache — playing the keyboard alongside Sandler. Here’s one Fallon did a few months ago with Maroon 5:

Adam Sandler, I’m onto you.

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