In 1992, the Temple Wildcats knocked off Houston Yates with a victory in the State Championship game to bring home Temple's second-ever title. 25 years later, they're ready to do it again.

Before this new season kicks off, let's take a moment to remember that state game in 1992. The entire game is available to watch below:

Temple started the game out strong by getting an interception on Yates' opening drive. This led to a field goal, which was followed by a touchdown on the Wildcat's next possession. After some more spectacular football, including a 74-yard run from Temple's Gerald Watson, the Wildcats were ahead 24-14 going into the break.

The scoring slowed down after halftime - two more touchdowns for Temple and only one for Houston Yates. The final winner was Temple by a score of 38-20.

The Wildcats' leading rusher was Gerald Watson with 148 yards on 14 carries and 3 TD's, according to stats published by the Temple Daily Telegram in December 1992.

The Wildcats have been close several times since that '92 season, coming just short of a victory in the Championship game the last two years in a row. Now, they're ready to finish the job.


BONUS: Check out this student-made music video honoring the '93 Wildcats. It's about as 90s as you can get!


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